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Passion, Purpose & Music: Meet Chelsie Cahoon

Meet Chelsie Cahoon, founder of Music Is The Drug @musicisthedrug. A young woman who is a breath of fresh air in a crazy self-indulgent world and who is my role model for 2020.

Last month Chelsie agreed to let Sol Style Magazine and photographer Jimmy Giles photograph her for the cover of our Spring issue, she is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.

From a very young age, the founder of Music Is The Drug, Chelsie Cahoon knew that she never wanted to drink or do drugs. It wasn’t because of any traumatic events that had happened in her life; she just knew that she didn’t want to ever partake in such activities and made a vow to herself that she never would. To her, the idea of consuming something that could potentially harm or affect her body wasn’t something that she ever wanted to be a part of, although she would never judge someone who did decide to choose that lifestyle. She is trying tried to break the stigma that sober people are judgmental; she believes there are many people in sobriety who can live a life free of drugs yet mingle with everyone!

To learn more about our Spring Cover Model Chelsie Cahoon and her organization 'Music Is The Drug' read her full story @ Sol Style Magazine.

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Toni Thomas

Creative Director

Sol Style Magazine

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