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Miami Swim Week 2022: Embracing all body types!

Miami Swim Week is the world’s largest fashion event for the Swimwear industry and this year it was a mid-Summer extravaganza showcasing some of the hottest swimwear designers in the world. As a media journalist for Sol Style Magazine, I expect to see beautiful swimsuits on stick-thin models showcasing tiny swimwear that would never be worn by the healthy bodies of any of the women I know.

Much to my surprise this year Sports Illustrated and most of the shows Sol Style Magazine attended not only featured superstars on the runway but real-size models wearing swimwear that any woman, of any age or size, can wear.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show did not disappoint, it was a star-studded affair that featured many familiar faces including Denise Austin and her daughter Katie sharing their love of fitness and swimwear together on the runway. The 65-year-old fitness guru (my 80's idol) looked amazing and oh-so-happy to be sharing the runway with her daughter Katie beside her.

“I feel so grateful that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit invited me to walk the show with Katie. As a 65-year-old, I’m also so proud [to] represent moms of all ages — and that it’s never too late. Me at 65 in a bikini… with my little girl!!!!!! Pure joy!!” she shared on her Instagram.

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See you on the runway,

Sol Style Team, Toni Thomas & Keisha Garrett

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