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All Eyes Are On New York Fashion Week

I read an article last week from CFDA claiming that the virtues of New York Fashion Week might be fading, that the glorious days of runway fashion shows may no longer be relevant in today's digital environment. As someone who travels to fashion week every year I can tell you this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Fashion week is alive and well in the age of digital content and Instagram influencers and all eyes are on New York. This spectacular event that happens twice a year with runway shows happening all over the city sets the stage for the world of fashion and style. The truth is digital content no matter how engaging will never ever come close to creating the influence that these spectacular runway shows create. The purpose of fashion week is for designers to launch their newest collections and for buyers from all over the world to view what's hot and what's not. It’s where the fashion media converge to write their fashion week review articles and where those in the “fashion know” come to network with fellow creatives. Fashion week simply put is the summit for all who work in and love fashion, if you don't believe me just google #NYFW and view the million and one posts by today's hottest influencers and celebrities as they that sit front row on the runway of a high profile New York fashion week show.

The best part of New York Fashion Week is that it’s no longer a closed venue meant only for industry buyers, celebrities and media, it is now accessible for fashion enthusiasts who love the fashion industry and want to be a part of one of today's hottest events. Yes, even you can attend New York Fashion Week if you have the desire and the means.

Just ask Kathryn Lewis who I had the pleasure of meeting at this year's StyleX: TLZ L’FEMME fashion show. Kathryn and her friends came to support a friend and model who was walking the runway at New York Fashion Week for the first time. They were dressed to the nines and looked more like they belonged on the runway than sitting in the audience attending their first-ever runway fashion show. When I asked Kathryn what New York Fashion Week meant to her she said, “It was such a meaningful experience for me, as a college student majoring in public relations at Florida A & M University I have been debating where to live post-graduation, but after meeting so many wonderful people during New York Fashion Week I felt like New York is where I belong. I will be back for the February season and I loved the outfit that I wore to the TLZ L’FEMME show. One of my favorite experiences at NYFW was getting the opportunity to wear some of my boldest outfits. I was blessed to share the New York Fashion Week experience with one of my closest friends, Diamond Rollins, who is also passionate about the fashion industry. The next time I visit, I want to attend as a media rep so I can interview some designers and stylists.”

Kathryn was just one of the many amazing people I met at New York Fashion Week who was attending for the first time and loving the experience, I can tell you Kathryn was simply stunning in her red dress and looked like a goddess.

Is fashion week alive and well in New York City?

I would have to say, “ Absolutely.”

Toni Thomas

Co-Editor Sol Style Magazine


Photos Courtesy of Photographer: Claire Guillon @cgstreetstyle

Kathryn Lewis @katmarlew

Diamond Rollins @diamondalicia

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