Keisha Garrett

Makeup Artist | Fashion Photographer | Editor-In-Chief

Keisha Garrett Is a Richmond Virginia based Makeup Artist, Fashion Photographer and Editor-In-Chief of Sol Style Magazine, Keisha has been working in and around the beauty and the fashion industry all of her adult life and her work has been published in many magazine publications. She actively works her makeup and photography business every day to bring beauty to the world through her makeup and the lens of her camera. She is the mother of two gorgeous sons and is one of the hardest working makeup artists/photographers in Virginia. You can find her work or

Toni Thomas

Toni Thomas is an award-winning beauty industry professional, New York Fashion Week and editorial makeup artist, beauty educator, and author of several beauty industry books. Her makeup artistry has been featured in many fashion publications and she can be found twice a year at New York Fashion Week. Toni is the founder of Women in Gear, The School of Makeup Artistry an online education portal for aspiring makeup artists. Toni has spent her entire career in the beauty industry working in and around the beauty business as well as the beauty education arena where she has taught for many years. Opening her first salon in 1993 she proved that even young women can and will conquer the world of business and she has been an independent small business owner ever since. Today you can find her working hard on a new book or on location doing fashion photoshoots, she also works as a consultant giving guidance to some of today's trendiest salons and spas! She has committed her life to her passion in the beauty business, teaching in the world of beauty to those who are willing to take a leap of faith in themselves, and it is what she aspires to do for the rest of her life. As one of the pioneers for quality online education, she is committed to all aspects of an industry that has lacked credibility for far too long and she is committed to teaching women across the globe how to build their beauty businesses with passion and patience.
Born and raised in a small town in Montana, she now travels with her husband between their home in the mountains of Montana and their home in Washington DC. Her passion to inspire has made a global impact on the world of business, makeup, and beauty.

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